Tim Robbins & Sister Helen PrejeanDear students and educators,

When the film “Dead Man Walking” hit theatres across the United States, we were amazed by the way it provoked discussion and debate about the death penalty. It continues to provoke deeper reflection on one of the key moral issues of our day.

To further widen the circle of public discourse on the death penalty, we offer you and other young Americans the stage play of Tim Robbins’ “Dead Man Walking,” to be performed at colleges and universities across the nation. We welcome you to collaborate in this transformational project.

The Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project is about exploring the issues, but also about giving young people a new way to think about the role of art in examining issues that affect us. Becoming an active, engaged citizen and participating in the discernment and discourse around the big issues of our day is exhilarating. We invite you to be a player, not just a spectator.

We hope that you will join us in this ambitious enterprise. Please explore our website to learn more about the project, and be sure to check out social networking and multi-media features.


Tim's and Helen's signatures

Tim Robbins Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ